Memory Crystal Pink

400 $

Each memory crystal is a craft and is designed with the highest possible finesse.

The memory crystal is also be available in two different sizes, normal and large.


For those who wish to preserve an eternal memory of a loved one but do not want it in the shape of a piece of jewellery, we have our memory crystal. These beautiful handmade crystals are perpetuated with the DNA of your loved ones. All of our memory crystals are handmade and manufactured by our talented and renowned designers.

In the shop you’ll also find our beautiful light base to beautifully display the memory crystal.

Memory Crystal Normal – 10cm – 4.5 Inches
Memory Crystal Large – 15 cm – 6.5 Inches
100% Crystal


Aurora Yellow, Black, Blue, Brown, Cobolt, Esmerald, Green, Green Opaque, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Transparent / No Color, Turquoise, White, Yellow Opaque

Crystal Size

Large, Normal