Memory Box with Crystal

    695 $

    SKU: MP-K
    The memory package includes : 
    DNA sample 
    Crystal Memorial (large) 6 inch / 15 cm high
    Home banking box 
    • The memory package includes :
    • DNA sample
    • Certificate
    • Crystal Memorial (large) 6 inch / 15 cm high
    • Home banking box
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    The memory package contains a DNA sample, a memory crystal, certificate and a beautiful storage box. In addition to this package you can add more jewelry or crystals and share with more relatives. You can use one DNA sample for multiple memorial products. All of our memory crystals are handmade by the talented and renowned designers at Studio Glashyttan in Åhus. The memory crystal is 15 cm high and consists of 100% Crystal.

    A part of the DNA sample is perpetuated in the handmade crystal.
    The delivery time of the memory box with crystal is approximately 3-4 weeks.

    The memory package includes:
    DNA sample √Certificates √
    Crystal Memorial (Large)√
    Home Storage Box √
    Optional colors of the memory crystal √


    Aurora Yellow, Black, Blue, Brown, Cobolt, Esmerald, Green, Green Opaque, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Transparent / No Color, Turquoise, White, Yellow Opaque