Frequently asked questions

How do i order you products?

If you have ordered the DNA homebanking solution through a funeral home you can ask them to order the memorial products for you. If not you can place your order on our webshop, we will send a swabkit to you with instructions for the saliva swabbing.

If you already ordered the DNA homebanking you can place your order in the webshop, in the last steps you will have to enter the name of the deceased and which funeral home you’ve hired. 

In this way we can connect your order with the right DNA sample.

What happends when i've put in my order?

If you’ve ordered the DNA homebanking through the funeral home, we will sent a part of the DNA sample to the manufacturers. The manufacturers will encase the DNA inside of the memorial products.

If you order the DNA homebanking, we will send you a swabkit with instructions.