The death of a loved one has traditionally meant the loss of family history. Memories fade and so does important information such as genealogical heritage and medical history. Questions of “where do we come from” and
“what diseases did we inherit in our genes” will be asked many generations from now. DNA provides important and relevant information of a family’s genealogical and medical history.

We provide a family the last opportunity to collect the treasure of their deceased loved ones DNA; information for generations to come. Through a simple process we collect your loved one’s DNA and our proprietary process that allows for room temperature storage indefinitely.

By offering a variety of banking from home or our facility along with custom jewelry and portraits, your loved one’s DNA is safe for future testing. Your loved ones DNA treasure is secure for generations.

Cg Labs specializes in post mortem DNA, highly degraded DNA, DNA from archaeological specimens and forensic cold cases. C.G. Labs has a very in depth understanding of the decay and damage mechanism to DNA over time. C.G. Labs has developed several cutting edge preservation techniques to halt the degradation progress and even repair degraded DNA. C.G. Labs is the main service provider to the funeral industry for DNA banking worldwide.

Eternal Memory is a Swedish company based in Stockholm, with a passion for product development and design. The business is characterized by its curiosity with a penchant for science, where DNA technology is a good example of an innovative product with lasting value. Our main focus lies in the quality and in diversifying our product range by distributing premium high standard products for everyone everywhere.

Eternal Memory is the official distributor of DNA Memorial Products and licensed to use
CG Labs patented DNA storage technology.